Friday, October 9, 2009

Egg Beaters and Turkey Bacon....Seriously?

Let me be honest, when I first heard the term egg beaters I thought someone was talking about that whisk that has a crank on it. know what I'm talking about. It's the old timey thing that makes your egg whites peak up before mixers. Then I noticed someone at work pouring what looked like eggs into a bowl almost every morning and microwaving them up, which transported me back to when microwaves were new and everyone thought they could microwave real eggs. Yes, they tasted like a shoe, but we were using our high priced popcorn popper for something other than heating something up. Curiosity made me ask, and I was intrigued by this eggy looking mixture...made with real eggs (**wink, wink**) without all that pesky cholesterol. Then I found that my cholesterol had hopped up over 200. When did that happen? I never even thought about cholesterol, which explains a lot, but doc said I needed to work on it. Joined up with Weight Watchers, who also suggested turkey bacon along with these egg beaters. Turkey bacon...seriously? Where does this bacon come from on a turkey and how is that going to be anywhere near similar to the deliciousness that had contributed to my two ax handle wide behind over the years. So I smartly pushed the egg beaters along with its bogus friend turkey bacon to the side. My cholesterol went down through diet and a lot less bacon and eggs..YAY! Then something happened. I decided to be committed to finding a healthier way to live, and that meant my old friend the pig was going to be pushed to the "on rare occasions" category of food. (An ode to the pig is coming in later blog editions.) I, Lori Teague, cooker of full fat meals and disciple of Paula Deen's butter filled dishes, changed my ways through surgery, commitment, and a lot of determination. As I throw out all the fatty goodness I have known growing up and out, last week I decided to purchase my first package of turkey bacon and carton of egg beaters. Starting slow, I prepared the made from real eggs Egg Beaters. As much as I absolutely hate to say, they weren't too horrible and were perfectly edible. Then I prepared for the next step. The turkey bacon looks a lot like real bacon, but frankly, it is kind of suspicious looking. It has a compressed processed look, and since the turkey does not have a pork belly, I'm pretty sure it was compressed and processed. What I was not prepared for was the terrible smell of turkey bacon cooking. All I can say is EWWWWW, but I trudged on and ate it. I'd love to say it tasted like my beloved piggy, but that's just a lie! Truly it tastes funny, but I am not giving up! I am gonna try to eat that whole package; I did pay $1.57 for it. Maybe it will grow on me, or maybe I won't ever buy that horrible stuff again. Well.....turkey sausage here I come!!

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  1. I think turkey bacon tastes good cooked in the microwave as crunchy as you can get it without burning it, but never have I been able to enjoy yucky eggbeaters!