Monday, September 28, 2009

Addictions to Facebook, Farmville, and Sorority Life

Just a few short weeks ago, I was footloose and fancy free reading MySpace occasionally making a comment, sending a flair or two then being on my merry way (yes, my way is merry...). Then someone asked me the faithful question, "Why don't you get on Facebook..that's where everyone is MySpace is so 2008." And being that I don't want Fergie to put a Boom Boom Pow on me, I innocently signed up on Facebook, asked a couple of people to be my friend, and went about my way. Sure, I'd look at a pic or two, but to be truthful I wasn't impressed with Facebook. I mean on MySpace I got layouts, songs, and other stuff...Facebook was just this plan little newsfeed. Then something weird happened every person I know from work started requesting me and suggesting me as a friend to have. Suddenly, I felt kindof special that folks wanted to be my friend. I might have started checking to see who else wanted to be my friend a couple times a day, then people I haven't talked to since I had Bon Jovi hair, blue eyeshadow, and rubber bracelets starting requesting me. My mouse started requesting vacation time, but I was loving it. Clicking here and there...who doesn't love to click? I can't remember if it was one of my big hair friends from HHS or a friend from work (who knows who she is) requested me to be her sorority sister on a game called Sorority Life. Please understand, I am a big ol' nerd when it comes to games.
I may allegedly have Scrabble and RISK on my desktop, and it could be possible that I'm a sucker for all word games other than that, I do not nor have I ever played computer games, but these friends requesting me to play seemed desperate for me to join up. The desperation in their voice, sweat on their brow, and bloodshot eyes should have been my clue, but I just thought they were sleep deprived. Who's not a little sleep deprived these days? So began the end of my carefree life away from the computer...I began to be concerned about not having enough glam and how could I get more glam. I yearned to go to the next level and job, but I needed more friends, so I started with my closest, and now they too bank their money before they go to work, after they get home or whenever the computer is available, and know exactly what I mean when I lament that I never have enough brownie points. As we moved up in levels, I began to notice that I needed more friends to join the sorority. When I'd exhausted all my "real friends," I went to a place where other SL addicts go and get more sisters. Now my house is 418 strong and I wish for the day when it will be 500. As I level up, it takes longer, so I needed something to preoccupy my time. This is when Farmville became a dalliance. Just a little fun as I waited for my energy to grow in SL. Strangely, my SL and "real facebook friends" both play Farmville, so I began to gather neighbors. Suddenly, I had a need for barns, horses, more trees, planting, and harvesting. Cows were mooing from my computer. I needed to get home to check my superberries then make sure to bank my money in SL. Of course, I needed to see the quirky quips of my friends not just daily but every few hours. I refuse to admit how much I check. I mean is it necessary to get into all that? I think not! Oh...I got to go...I think my pumpkins are ready, and I just got notified that I helped a sister win a fight...