Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving On...Nothing Stays the Same

I've been feeling really nostalgic lately. Thinking about the first days on the Transplant Team and meeting Amy. She was sortof a shy kid trying to figure everything out. I was not a shy kid (ahem...we'll call me a kid for blogging sake) trying to figure everything out. Because I might be a tad bossy, I decided that Amy and I were gonna be friends. We went to some movie that I don't even remember what it was on Labor Day 2006. I don't really think either of us knew that day would be the beginning of a very special kind of friendship. We've learned a lot about being friends and what friendship means. In these last years, we've had a few disagreements, and maybe a couple of arguments, but it only strengthened our respect and love for one another. Amy truly is a person of integrity, humility, laughter, stubbornness, and dependability. She is going to be missed terribly by our surgeons, co-workers, and me (of course, Greg too!). As she moves on to another hospital, it reminds me that nothing stays the same in life. While we won't see each other on the days we work together (by the way, we don't see each other as much at work as you would think), and we won't quite be able to discuss [not gossip ;) ] the goings on on our team, the one thing I know is Amy and I will be friends. This is an opportunity for our relationship to grow in new ways and I am excited for that! I'm excited for Amy. This is going to be a great opportunity for her to spread her wings a little and learn that she's so capable of so many things that we already knew she could do!
Truth is, I am going to be sad these next couple of weeks because I know it is the last time this or the last time we'll do that, especially when it is the last time we are in a room together. Amy will probably remember that day when we actually knew we were pretty good and going to make it in the OR. We were doing a liver transplant with Dr. Bynon, and we were working like a well-oiled machine together. There have been so many more days like that than not. I'll miss those days. (maybe I won't miss her spitting her gum into my hand because she can't chew gum longer than 10 minutes..& she's scrubbed in....I'd hear my name in that bit of a whiny tone and I'd know the gum needs to come out.) There are too many things to write about...way too many, but I wanted everyone to know how special and important Amy is to the Transplant Team, and her absence will be felt for a long long time.