Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving On...Nothing Stays the Same

I've been feeling really nostalgic lately. Thinking about the first days on the Transplant Team and meeting Amy. She was sortof a shy kid trying to figure everything out. I was not a shy kid (ahem...we'll call me a kid for blogging sake) trying to figure everything out. Because I might be a tad bossy, I decided that Amy and I were gonna be friends. We went to some movie that I don't even remember what it was on Labor Day 2006. I don't really think either of us knew that day would be the beginning of a very special kind of friendship. We've learned a lot about being friends and what friendship means. In these last years, we've had a few disagreements, and maybe a couple of arguments, but it only strengthened our respect and love for one another. Amy truly is a person of integrity, humility, laughter, stubbornness, and dependability. She is going to be missed terribly by our surgeons, co-workers, and me (of course, Greg too!). As she moves on to another hospital, it reminds me that nothing stays the same in life. While we won't see each other on the days we work together (by the way, we don't see each other as much at work as you would think), and we won't quite be able to discuss [not gossip ;) ] the goings on on our team, the one thing I know is Amy and I will be friends. This is an opportunity for our relationship to grow in new ways and I am excited for that! I'm excited for Amy. This is going to be a great opportunity for her to spread her wings a little and learn that she's so capable of so many things that we already knew she could do!
Truth is, I am going to be sad these next couple of weeks because I know it is the last time this or the last time we'll do that, especially when it is the last time we are in a room together. Amy will probably remember that day when we actually knew we were pretty good and going to make it in the OR. We were doing a liver transplant with Dr. Bynon, and we were working like a well-oiled machine together. There have been so many more days like that than not. I'll miss those days. (maybe I won't miss her spitting her gum into my hand because she can't chew gum longer than 10 minutes..& she's scrubbed in....I'd hear my name in that bit of a whiny tone and I'd know the gum needs to come out.) There are too many things to write about...way too many, but I wanted everyone to know how special and important Amy is to the Transplant Team, and her absence will be felt for a long long time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Couple of days ago my great-uncle J.W. passed on without a bunch of funfare or hoopla, which is kindof funny cause he definitely caused a ruckus or two or maybe three. I'd like to say he was a good man that many admired, but that simply wasn't the truth. Facts are facts and when you live your life you can't escape the facts of the way you spent your days. Uncle J.W. spent many days being raucous, mean, and planning his next venture. His upbringing was rough, and he exemplified that upbringing. He'd been calloused by the abuse around him, and that toughening made him the man he became. There are many things I know about J.W. that I won't share, not because of respect for the dead, but because that wasn't how I knew him. My memories of Uncle J.W. were different than many encountered. When I was fifteen my Dad and I went to an auction to buy a car, Uncle J.W. was there. He'd wanted to help my Dad get me a car. Of course, Daddy didn't let him, but I realized then he respected my Dad. I knew J.W. was rough, but I never saw that roughness since I was with my Dad when I saw him. Uncle J.W. was kind to me. He talked to me like I was important when I came to see him. He always tried to give gifts to my Dad. He treated my Mother with respect. I loved the old guy, but don't be delusioned, I am very aware that he was disrespectful, gruff, criminal, and many other things to other people. However, I am going to remember him the day he showed me his prized rabbits or when he gave me an excellent deal on a washing machine or two.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Egg Beaters and Turkey Bacon....Seriously?

Let me be honest, when I first heard the term egg beaters I thought someone was talking about that whisk that has a crank on it. know what I'm talking about. It's the old timey thing that makes your egg whites peak up before mixers. Then I noticed someone at work pouring what looked like eggs into a bowl almost every morning and microwaving them up, which transported me back to when microwaves were new and everyone thought they could microwave real eggs. Yes, they tasted like a shoe, but we were using our high priced popcorn popper for something other than heating something up. Curiosity made me ask, and I was intrigued by this eggy looking mixture...made with real eggs (**wink, wink**) without all that pesky cholesterol. Then I found that my cholesterol had hopped up over 200. When did that happen? I never even thought about cholesterol, which explains a lot, but doc said I needed to work on it. Joined up with Weight Watchers, who also suggested turkey bacon along with these egg beaters. Turkey bacon...seriously? Where does this bacon come from on a turkey and how is that going to be anywhere near similar to the deliciousness that had contributed to my two ax handle wide behind over the years. So I smartly pushed the egg beaters along with its bogus friend turkey bacon to the side. My cholesterol went down through diet and a lot less bacon and eggs..YAY! Then something happened. I decided to be committed to finding a healthier way to live, and that meant my old friend the pig was going to be pushed to the "on rare occasions" category of food. (An ode to the pig is coming in later blog editions.) I, Lori Teague, cooker of full fat meals and disciple of Paula Deen's butter filled dishes, changed my ways through surgery, commitment, and a lot of determination. As I throw out all the fatty goodness I have known growing up and out, last week I decided to purchase my first package of turkey bacon and carton of egg beaters. Starting slow, I prepared the made from real eggs Egg Beaters. As much as I absolutely hate to say, they weren't too horrible and were perfectly edible. Then I prepared for the next step. The turkey bacon looks a lot like real bacon, but frankly, it is kind of suspicious looking. It has a compressed processed look, and since the turkey does not have a pork belly, I'm pretty sure it was compressed and processed. What I was not prepared for was the terrible smell of turkey bacon cooking. All I can say is EWWWWW, but I trudged on and ate it. I'd love to say it tasted like my beloved piggy, but that's just a lie! Truly it tastes funny, but I am not giving up! I am gonna try to eat that whole package; I did pay $1.57 for it. Maybe it will grow on me, or maybe I won't ever buy that horrible stuff again. Well.....turkey sausage here I come!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recession got you down? GAME NIGHT

Okay okay...I'll admit that none of us are one bit enthusiastic about the RECESSION. Matter of fact, I find myself whining and sniveling quite a bit about the lack of fundage that seems to be going around. Truth is I am "a glass is half empty kind of girl," and I've been called a worrier on more than 1756427 occasions...last week. However, I'm trying to look for some positivity in the funk that is 2009. Who knew I'd find that positivity in Game Nights?

Yep, good ol' Game Night. Get some friends or family or both together, cook a chili, eat some chips, and laugh your butt off at some of the ridiculous answers you'll get for Scattergories. There are amazing things that happen on Game Night: #1 people turn off the TV...I know this is an unbelievable concept, but it happens unless you're using it for music channels; #2 folks talk to each other face to face...not just in IM, Text, or whatever else we do these days; #3 good times alleviate worries for a minute...seriously they do. When you're laughing at folks who simultaneously start singing with Bon Jovi "You Give Love a Bad Name" in the middle of a hand of Phase 10, that nasty worried furrow in your brow goes away (and since you can't afford Botox that's a good thing).

After being a part of a few Game Nights and enjoying more than a few games of Phase 10 at my parents' house, I've started to realize the blessing that has occurred in the middle of all the worry and doubt that is the Recession. We have an opportunity to rebuild, strengthen, and grow our relationships. Money being tight has opened up something bigger than the dollar. It has given us a gift that hopefully we take an opportunity to pounce on because just like all Recessions this one will end and times will be good again. We will spend our $$ like we don't need it tomorrow, and we'll all pronounce that good times have returned, which won't be a lie. However, good times exist here and now. They are a different kind of good, and frankly, they may just be a better kind of good when it comes to strengthen our bonds.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Addictions to Facebook, Farmville, and Sorority Life

Just a few short weeks ago, I was footloose and fancy free reading MySpace occasionally making a comment, sending a flair or two then being on my merry way (yes, my way is merry...). Then someone asked me the faithful question, "Why don't you get on Facebook..that's where everyone is MySpace is so 2008." And being that I don't want Fergie to put a Boom Boom Pow on me, I innocently signed up on Facebook, asked a couple of people to be my friend, and went about my way. Sure, I'd look at a pic or two, but to be truthful I wasn't impressed with Facebook. I mean on MySpace I got layouts, songs, and other stuff...Facebook was just this plan little newsfeed. Then something weird happened every person I know from work started requesting me and suggesting me as a friend to have. Suddenly, I felt kindof special that folks wanted to be my friend. I might have started checking to see who else wanted to be my friend a couple times a day, then people I haven't talked to since I had Bon Jovi hair, blue eyeshadow, and rubber bracelets starting requesting me. My mouse started requesting vacation time, but I was loving it. Clicking here and there...who doesn't love to click? I can't remember if it was one of my big hair friends from HHS or a friend from work (who knows who she is) requested me to be her sorority sister on a game called Sorority Life. Please understand, I am a big ol' nerd when it comes to games.
I may allegedly have Scrabble and RISK on my desktop, and it could be possible that I'm a sucker for all word games other than that, I do not nor have I ever played computer games, but these friends requesting me to play seemed desperate for me to join up. The desperation in their voice, sweat on their brow, and bloodshot eyes should have been my clue, but I just thought they were sleep deprived. Who's not a little sleep deprived these days? So began the end of my carefree life away from the computer...I began to be concerned about not having enough glam and how could I get more glam. I yearned to go to the next level and job, but I needed more friends, so I started with my closest, and now they too bank their money before they go to work, after they get home or whenever the computer is available, and know exactly what I mean when I lament that I never have enough brownie points. As we moved up in levels, I began to notice that I needed more friends to join the sorority. When I'd exhausted all my "real friends," I went to a place where other SL addicts go and get more sisters. Now my house is 418 strong and I wish for the day when it will be 500. As I level up, it takes longer, so I needed something to preoccupy my time. This is when Farmville became a dalliance. Just a little fun as I waited for my energy to grow in SL. Strangely, my SL and "real facebook friends" both play Farmville, so I began to gather neighbors. Suddenly, I had a need for barns, horses, more trees, planting, and harvesting. Cows were mooing from my computer. I needed to get home to check my superberries then make sure to bank my money in SL. Of course, I needed to see the quirky quips of my friends not just daily but every few hours. I refuse to admit how much I check. I mean is it necessary to get into all that? I think not! Oh...I got to go...I think my pumpkins are ready, and I just got notified that I helped a sister win a fight...