Thursday, October 22, 2009

Couple of days ago my great-uncle J.W. passed on without a bunch of funfare or hoopla, which is kindof funny cause he definitely caused a ruckus or two or maybe three. I'd like to say he was a good man that many admired, but that simply wasn't the truth. Facts are facts and when you live your life you can't escape the facts of the way you spent your days. Uncle J.W. spent many days being raucous, mean, and planning his next venture. His upbringing was rough, and he exemplified that upbringing. He'd been calloused by the abuse around him, and that toughening made him the man he became. There are many things I know about J.W. that I won't share, not because of respect for the dead, but because that wasn't how I knew him. My memories of Uncle J.W. were different than many encountered. When I was fifteen my Dad and I went to an auction to buy a car, Uncle J.W. was there. He'd wanted to help my Dad get me a car. Of course, Daddy didn't let him, but I realized then he respected my Dad. I knew J.W. was rough, but I never saw that roughness since I was with my Dad when I saw him. Uncle J.W. was kind to me. He talked to me like I was important when I came to see him. He always tried to give gifts to my Dad. He treated my Mother with respect. I loved the old guy, but don't be delusioned, I am very aware that he was disrespectful, gruff, criminal, and many other things to other people. However, I am going to remember him the day he showed me his prized rabbits or when he gave me an excellent deal on a washing machine or two.

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